Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sexy green car show

The Sexy Green Car Show at Eden Project starts today. It's interesting to see how the motor manufacturers and trade bodies are going to respond to consumer pressure and/or legislation.

D&AD event at RIBA about sustainability

Last night went to a D&AD event at RIBA which was all about sustainability. Speakers included Russell Davies, John Grant and David founder of Howies. All 3 were naturally funny and charming speakers who made it look easy.

Russell's speech was great. I'm not certain I can do it justice, so instead I'll think I'll link to his thought process as he develops the presentation.

John Grant was very entertaining, showing some ideas to answer his own question, "How to reduce consumers' carbon emissions by 70%". The idea that sticks in my mind is the "Church of Climate Change Jerusalem". Very funny...guess you had to be there... but it made people laugh and got his point across that we consumers would need to re-design our lives to achieve one planet living.

And David's story of how Howies became the "3rd largest clothing company in Cardigan Bay" showed he does what he says. He said if you want to embed your principles in your business and communications then you need to "tell people what you're about in a way that charms them". Easy to say, hard to do, but absolutely right.