Monday, August 14, 2006

Dell and power of blogging

This Sunday Times article talks about the influence of blogging on corporate reputation. A commentator Mark Rogers of Market Sentinel points out that 75% of new car buyers search online before they buy - companies should beware if they don't like what they find. And I read here that 44% of internet users are content creators according to Pew. This is an important trend right now but I was thinking the other day that the ways consumers will share their impressions of companies with each other will change again once mobile computing and wireless services will mean people will be able to research and share experiences of products closer to the point of purchase.

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Chris MacDonald said...

For what it's worth, if you type "Dell" and "ethics" into Google, the first result that pops up is my blog entry about Dell:
Not sure that that's enough to have any impact on their reputation world-wide, but it's interesting that a blog entry about Dell's ethics gets a higher Google ranking than, say, Dell's own page about its code of ethics.