Monday, January 22, 2007

BusinessWeek "beyond the green corporation"

This is a great article in BusinessWeek. One thing caught my eye in particular, a company that calculates the value of reputation damage. Going to have a closer look at this. "Few Wall Street analysts, for example, have tried to assess how much damage Wal-Mart's reputation for poor labor and environmental practices did to the stock price. But New York's Communications Consulting Worldwide (CCW), which studies issues such as reputation, puts it in stark dollars and cents. CCW calculates that if Wal-Mart had a reputation like that of rival Target Corp. (TGT ), its stock would be worth 8.4% more, adding $16 billion in market capitalization".

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Ben Claxton said...

Hello Karen! Hope you are well and good to see you are back to blogging. (I too have had some blogging time out.)

Good article - and as we know, "what's measured is often what's valued".

Incidentally, WalMart have a nice little 'Road to Sustainability' infogram on their website for people to see (the management of) the environmental impact of WalMart stores on the environment. Is clear and engaging, but interested to know

1) How many people look at it
2) What impact it has on company reputation.

Is here: