Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Body Shop and L'Oreal

I didn't miss the big news last week, but I was in Switzerland in a car-free village with little access to news and papers - but lots and lots of snow. So Body Shop has sold to L'Oreal. Ethical Consumer reports that it's ethical score has plummeted. Next Monday 3rd April, I publish the Ethical Reputations Index. I have already seen the scores for Body Shop and they've been seen as one of the most ethical companies in both the 2006 study and the 2005 pilot. The company needs to keep a careful eye on their ratings. From the press and comments I've heard, this deal will have a big impact. The Economist reports that L'Oreal paid a 34% premium for Body Shop so all the more reason to keep tabs on consumer perceptions as they are part of the value of the asset L'Oreal bought.

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